What are the mating habits of rodents?

There are so many species of rodents and they have their different habits of living, mating, eating etc. There are rodents that live in burrows, tunnels, holes; in trees; in water (but not always); and some live in deserts. So it wont be possible to study everything about the rodents. But most of the rodents have some common types of mating habits which are as follows  

Rodents can reach to the age of sexual maturity at 5 weeks only. Rodents communicate with each other through sounds, sights and smell. Most of the rodents remain active throughout the year. Some rodents can mate anytime and anywhere irrespective of the place that whether the place is suitable for them or not. While other rodents look a proper environment for mating. 

According to the species, there are rodents that are called as monogamous. These species make pairs of male and female and they continue mating with the same partner for multiple seasons. And then there are rodents species which are having harem based mating system in which there is a group of one male rodent and multiple female rodents. There are species which mate randomly and they are called as promiscuous. 

In case of large groups, female rodents get engage with number of male rodents and male rodents can ejaculate number of times. There are dominant males and females in the groups. A female rodent can easily get pregnant twice in a month. Thats why the population of rodents is in large amount all over the world. 

As per the study it is said that female rodents like to mate with those male rodents whom they have not mated before and they got much attracted to those rodents who have not gone from any kind of stress. More experienced female rodents are more direct as compared to the young ones and sometimes they present themselves before the male rodents for mating and can even push them in certain conditions. An inexperienced female usually gets excited and male has to work hard to catch her but after some time female rodents gets slow down and will let the male do its thing. 

Black rodents usually prefer to mate during summers or autumn. The black rodents pregnancy is bit longer than the others but it is either few days or a week. Mating may last for 2-24 hours depending on circumstances and estrus cycle. Surprisingly, female rodent can get pregnant within 24 hours only. But it is said that female rodents can keep sperm for days or months in their body but it is not yet tested and verified in the laboratory. 

While mating they can experience some sort of injuries as well. For example, if they are incompatible; unresponsive female, inexperienced rodents, rough copulation and etc. In all these situations there are chances of injuries to both male and female rodents. The actual mating habits of rodents may differ because it is not possible to judge animals 100%. 

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